MV Agusta Rivale problems with the gearbox!

May 2015
Hi I have an MV Agusta Rivale without ABS . Not long ago, the quick shifter was not functioning and has been replaced. Now I get some time to 2nd gear when downshifting , purely bad . The gearbox is as blocked . Do you have any problems with your MV Rivale?

Greetings from Germany.
Jan 2023
New York
MV Agusta Rivale owners have reported some issues with the gearbox, such as difficulty engaging gears, false neutrals, and difficulty finding neutral. In some cases, the gearbox has been known to jump out of gear or not engage properly. Some owners have also reported problems with the clutch, such as slipping or dragging. It is recommended that owners take their bike to an authorized MV Agusta dealer for servicing and repair.